“The Outrage”: Dating Violence Performance

On Thursday, April 6, performers from Chaparral High School came to Mountain Vista to present a skit on dating violence, sexual assault and consent. The group partnered with the Crisis Center to ensure that teens that viewed the performance would have access to support and resources to deal with their problems in their relationships.

Sophomore Griffin Hursh was among the students in the audience. “I learned a lot of things that I didn’t know before,” Hursh said. “One in three teens have been abused or are in abusive relationships, how to help someone who’s in a bad relationship, and a lot more useful information.”

The group provided informational materials to everyone in attendance, including a, “Dating Bill of Rights” (listed below) and an envelope with the Crisis Center Hotline on it.

The event was successful as well as informative and, possibly, life-changing for those that attended.


Dating Bill of Rights

I have the right to…

Ask for a date.

Refuse a date.

Have my own thoughts and feelings and communicate them.

Have my limits and values respected.

Be heard.

Set physical, emotional and sexual boundaries.

Have friendships outside of my relationship.

Say “no.”

Be safe on a date.

Be treated with respect.

Disagree with my date.

Determine who I will date.

Control my own destiny.

Get angry.

Be assertive on a date.

Leave any dating situation when I don’t feel safe or it doesn’t feel right for me.

Have a healthy relationship.

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