“The Other Woman” Movie Review


“The Other Woman” may have been a bit cheesy, but it managed to be one of the better rom-coms that has came out in a while. The whole film being set upon the idea of revenge sets it aside from many others. Between the crazy, distraught wife (Leslie Mann), the hyped up and pissed off lawyer (Cameron Diaz), and the ditzy blonde (Kate Upton), the movie is definitely one of the funniest films currently in theaters.

As the movie opens up Mark (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) is overly confident and rich. You can see that he is dating Carly (DiazThe Other Woman), but what you can’t see is that he also has a wife and a few extra mistresses here or there. Mark is on his way to dinner with Carly to meet her father when his wife calls, informing him he had already made dinner plans back in town. Mark skips out with the excuse that a pipe burst in his house.

Not too soon after, Carly decides that she should surprise Mark. She drives over to his house, plumber costume and all, only to be greeted by his wife, Kate (Mann).

Confused and upset, Kate tracks down Carly to find the real answers to her husband’s secret life. At first, Carly isn’t too eager to befriend her now ex-boyfriend’s wife, but soon the two hit it off and begin to plot their revenge.

As they dig deeper into Mark’s life, they realize that he has been cheating on both of them the entire time. From Florida to the Bahamas, Mark has a girl everywhere he goes.

Carly and Kate follow Mark one day when he leaves for a golf trip only to find him with another woman, Amber (Upton). They get her to join the team and eventually plan something so devious that Mark loses everything.

The film is truly amazing because of it’s casting. Diaz and Mann have one of the most awkward, uneasy relationships in the world, which makes it a kick to watch. Upton managed to play her role of the free-spirited, younger girl perfectly. Even Nicki Minaj made her first time film appearance in a variety of wigs and costumes as an assistant to Diaz.

“The Other Woman” is definitely a film you’ll want to see if you’re interested in a night out with your friends. It has some explicit scenes, so it might not be a good one for family bonding or younger audiences, but it’s still a movie I’d recommend about any other time. Overall, I would give the movie a four of five rating.

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