The New Teacher’s Start

As the new school year starts, many teachers have been preparing for the changes that the year will bring. For some however, the changes are more significant than a new classroom or a changed schedule.

IMG_9983Dillon Turpin and Nate Rysavez both start their first years as teachers at Mountain Vista High School. Both are teachers of U.S and World History and both come with years of teaching experience. Turpin worked at St. Mary’s High School, a private school in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Rysavez taught at Sacred Hearts High School, an all girls school in Honolulu, Hawaii.

While having to acclimate to a new school and a new district, both men are excited to be working with kids again. “I’m looking forward to getting back to it and working with kids again,” Turpin said. “I’m used to working in a smaller school,” Rysavez said. “The freshmen class here is bigger than the entire student body at my old school, so I’m excited to get to meet everyone.”

While both are excited to start, both men are also trying to improve themselves. “I want to grow more and get better. I want to find out where I am not good and improve from there.” Turpin said. “I want to keep things changing on a consistent basis. I want to make sure that kids stay interests so no one falls asleep during class.” Rysavez said.

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