The Most Awkward Rose Ceremony in Bachelor History


Last night’s episode of The Bachelor was dramatic and extremely awkward. The drama really started during Jojo’s date. We went from the “aww” moment when Ben told Lauren he loved her to “uh-oh” as he told Jojo the same thing. To top it all off he said “I love you” to both of them upwards of three times. It was clear Caila was going home and Ben even said so himself, just in time for her to run up and surprise Ben. That might’ve been the most awkward “guess who” we’ve ever had to watch. He dumped her… there were lots of tears involved. She took it well surprisingly.


But then she wouldn’t leave.


Caila literally jumped out of a moving vehicle to talk to Ben again. Awkward.


At the end of the episode a preview for the hundredth “most dramatic season finale in Bachelor history” and it looked nothing shy of a train wreck. He has to decide which woman he loves the most because, newsflash, you can’t marry two girls.


Next week’s episode is by far the most entertaining of the episodes: “The Women Tell All.” After Andi’s “The Men Tell All” episode we have high standards of the drama that should ensue. We expect there to be tears, anger, laughter and some tough questions for both the girls and Ben.
In two weeks, in the season finale, we hope to see Ben propose to Lauren. She seems like the best fit for him.

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