The Meaning of Life


This will be my final web post on Vista Now. I have come a long way since my muddled and inconsistent guest review of “SPECTRE” (2015) back in November of 2015 and have grown tremendously. I have done my very best to fairly express my opinions, accurately report on the world around me, critique and review entertainment and inform my audience. I hope that you have enjoyed my work, but if you have not, I will always welcome any criticism(s).

I thank you for the opportunity to share stories through this platform. This was my favorite way to publish content in MV Media, although the Eagle Eye magazines came in a close second. I consider my role as a high school journalist to have been an honor and I cannot begin to express how grateful I am for all the support that I have received from my audience, family, friends, advisers/instructors, colleagues and peers.

As is customary when seniors depart high school, I will now offer some advice. I am not an expert at high school, life or journalism. I made many mistakes and have many regrets, but I still wish to express my thoughts on Vista Now one last time:

I did many¬†interesting and exciting things in high school from participating in Mountain Vista’s Sports Broadcasting program for two years, playing on the Highlands Ranch Harlequins Rugby Team for one year and working on the MV Media staff as a staffer and editor. The most important thing I did in high school however, was discover the meaning of life. I know. That is a crazy and weird thing to say, but it is something that I discovered during my junior year (which was, by far, my worst year at Mountain Vista and, possibly, the worst year of my life) and something that I feel like I need to say.

The meaning of life is connection. It applies to all living entities. Animals connect with their species and the environment, plants connect with the atmosphere and environment, humans connect with almost everything and even organisms like bacteria connect with a purpose/set of purposes.

My advice to EVERYONE, no matter what grade, age or position you are in, is to connect with something. Find something that is going to get you out of bed in the mornings and give you the strength to keep going in life.

Throughout my life, I have connected with the art of writing, power of cinema, freedom of literature, intensity of music (especially hip-hop/rap) and importance of love, peace and unity. Your connection(s) can be anything: a job, a sport, an activity, a movie franchise, a person, a group of people, a video game, a belief, it does not matter. If you do not do this, life will be extremely boring, mundane and depressing.

The Kills’ “The Last Goodbye” (2011) and Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” (1969) have been playing on repeat in my mind throughout this entire week. They match the emotions I am feeling perfectly as I now say goodbye and thank you.

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