“The Longest Ride” Review

“The Longest Ride,” the most recent of a long stream of Nicholas Sparks movies, is a dramatic tale that contrasts two similar love stories. One love story is from the perspective of WWII veteran Ira and his love story with his deceased wife, Ruth. Their story helps to inspire the young couple, former bull-riding champion Luke, and college student and artist Sophia.

As the Luke and Sophia navigate their difficult love for each other, they are heavily influenced by the reflections Ira makes about his marriage to Ruth. It is an emotional and sweet love story about how to hold on to love against all odds.

Some might say it is a typical, cliche Nicholas Sparks love story. In some respects, I suppose it is, however it is also an inspiring story about how to overcome the obstacles that life presents us and, furthermore, how to work with the person you love to conquer those obstacles.

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