“The Lego Movie” Review


“The Lego Movie” is possibly one of the greatest animated films of all time. What is best about it is that it isn’t only a movie for kids (though it is apparent that they are the targeted audience), even teens and adults could get a kick out of this film.

I went into the movie with low expectations since animation in general isn’t necessarily my favorite. When the film started, I realized the casting could actually make the movie worthwhile.  Chris Pratt, Will Ferrell, Elizabeth Banks, Will Arnett, Charlie Day, Morgan Freeman and many other notable actors and actresses made their appearances in the perfect way to fit their voices and attitudes.


Overall, not only the casting exceeded my expectations; the production was amazing, but also cheesy- only making the film even funnier than it already was.

I couldn’t help myself from bursting out in laughter about every other minute. The theater was constantly filled with smiles and cackles from everyone in the audience.

On top of all this, the plot was heartwarming. It was a battle between President Business, played by Will Ferrell, and Emmett, played by Chris Pratt. Emmett is an average construction worker turned hero.  President Business is the ruler of all the Lego people. He strives for perfection in his society and intends to keep it that way by using the “Kragle” (which is actually just an old pack of Krazy Glue).

Unfortunately for President Business’ plan, the Master Builders have other ideas. The rebellion of the Master Builders is ignited by their desire for creativity. The ending was not necessarily expected, making the screenplay and writing even better than it originally was.

This movie deserves, without a doubt, a five-of-five rating. If ever you have free time, you need to see this movie. The hilarity and ingenuity of the film make it well worth the cost of the movie ticket, expensive as it may be.

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