The Importance of Music Education

Music is truly a unique form of art, one that is universally understood by all humans. It speaks to us not in words, but in tones and rhythms. It allows the listener to interpret the piece in their own way rather than read the piece like a story; the musician or ensemble can express their creativity and reveal their talents in a unique way. Music impacts every human being in this world, and it is imperative that we educate the youth in order to keep the legacy of music alive.

Without music, the world would be a much different, mundane, and (honestly) grim place. Imagine a world without music. There would be nothing to wake you up on the car ride to school or work, and no songs to sing in the shower. Parties and school dances would sound like a cafeteria. Watching the opening to Star Wars would be as dreadful as ever without that famous heroic fanfare. The world relies on music and if music education was abandoned, we would abandon our spirit and humanity.

Music education teaches much more than just music itself. It teaches teamwork skills, improves listening skills, influences creative thinking, and incorporates small aspects of math, science, reading, writing (composing) and creates a foreign language that everyone understands. An ensemble must constantly balance the sounds of the specific parts, stay in tune, and stay in time all while making creative and artistic music. The variations in time signature, dynamics, articulation patterns, and note lengths allow the musician and ensemble to further enhance their skills and creativity to sound incredible.

“[The students are] creating something that they own. They’re providing an opportunity for students to be human beings. It’s one of those things that makes us human, is music.” said Mountain Vista instrumental music director Darren DeLaup.

DeLaup’s statement is exactly right; music makes us human. Playing and listening to music connects humans in no other way possible.

So next time you find yourself singing in the shower or finding that new catchy song on iTunes, just remember that would not have been possible if it wasn’t for music education.

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