The Blue Bronco Dilemma

JimenezBronco  1097


Anyone who has been near DIA has likely seen the famous 32-foot-tall blue bronco that stands near the airport. It is a fiberglass sculpture that was created 5 years ago, and now it is the center of widespread controversy.

Some Denver locals have recently demanded the Blue Bronco to be removed and/or relocated due to its aggressive stance and possibly violent image. These locals who oppose “Mustang”, as named by its creator, would have to file a petition with the Denver Commission on Cultural Affairs for the sculpture’s removal.

The complaints about the Blue Bronco started with its first official appearance. However, petitions for the removal of artwork in Denver are not permitted until 5 years after an art piece’s creation. As “Mustang” passed its fifth birthday on February 11th, more and more opposed to it began to speak up.

The nature of its vivid red eyes is the source of the public love and hatred for the horse. Some argue that the Blue Bronco is a truly unique and striking piece of art while others insist that its striking appearance is what deems it unsuitable for its current location.

Another part of its speculation comes from its creation – the artist, Luis Jiménez, was killed during the construction of “Mustang”.

A major problem of the sculpture’s possible relocation comes with its weight. At 9000 pounds, the sculpture would be incredibly difficult to move.

If a significant petition does begin to arise, it is likely that more officials will become involved before a final decision is made.

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