The Best Present




Over the weekend sophomore Ethan Gregorie spent his 16 birthday delivering sandwiches to a homeless shelter.


Gregorie and his family estimated that they had made over 200 sandwiches to hand out.


“I went to this temple downtown and made a whole bunch of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and then brought them to the homeless shelter and delivered them,” Gregorie said.


Many students and even just people don’t usually give up their birthday to help those in need. For Gregorie it was a great opportunity and a great experience.


“I decided to help out the homeless on my birthday because my mom’s friend recommended this opportunity to do it, so we did,” Gregorie said.


Although receiving presents on your birthday is generally the best part, for this 16 year old, “the best birthday present you can get is giving back,” Gregorie said.


The next time opportunity you get to give back don’t pass even if it’s on your birthday.




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