The Best of the Best: National Honors Society



Scholarship, leadership, service and character. With every word said, a candle is lit. With every candle lit, new members get more insight on what it means to be a part of the National Honor Society (NHS).


On Sept. 19, 168 new members were inducted into the National Honor Society at Mountain Vista High school. With 100 standing members, the NHS club is the largest it has ever been. “Every person we can get can make a change and that is our goal,” Officer Alec Yagey said.


This year the NHS will be working with charities and organizations both within the community, and outside of the community. They plan on working with the Denver Inner City Parish and donating christmas items such as toys, blankets and food. They also hope to decorate the walls and give back to a retirement home.


Outside of the community, NHS is continuing to work with a orphanage in Zimbabwe called Rose of Charity. In years passed, NHS has raised over 6,000 dollars for the orphanage to build a new building. The plan for this year is to raise money to buy the orphanage a desperately needed van.


“Mountain vista is the best high school there is, but NHS is really the best of the best”, said Yagey. Members of National Honor Society continually go above and beyond to represent Mountain Vista in a positive way.


As the flames from the candles die out, the hard work and dedication from members of NHS never will.The sponsor for NHS, Mrs. Schuester said, “Even though we have so many more members, [compared to 1921] the goal is still the same. We are a force for change.”


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