The Best Day of The School Year

Throughout the school there are many exciting events. Wish week, prom week, and homecoming week all have fun days. The last day of finals are always exciting as well. However, none of these days come close to matching the excitement and anticipation of the Thursday before spring break.


The Thursday before spring break is unparalleled by every other school day or week for two reasons.


The first reason is because it is the last day of school before a 10 day break. The stretch of school from the beginning of second semester to spring break is often times long and grueling. Spring break provides relief from a strenuous stretch of school. Another great thing about spring break is that it marks the middle of the second semester and often times the second part of second semester is easier academically than the first.


The second reason why the Thursday before spring break is the best day of the year is because it marks the start of March Madness. March Madness is one of my favorite sporting events, second only to the Stanley Cup playoffs. Few sporting events match the excitement and unpredictability of the college basketball playoffs. The fact that pretty much any team has a decent chance of winning any particular game makes every game a must watch.


Every year in high school I download the March Madness app and watch the games during class. This year will be no exception as I plan to bring my iPad and phone to school in order to watch as many games as I can! Being able to watch sports instead of doing school work, coupled with the fact that it’s the last day before spring break makes for a great day.


Hopefully, my bracket survives the first round of games tomorrow and the University of Oklahoma wins the National Championship. BOOMER SOONER!14467-illustration-of-a-basketball-pv

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