The Bachelor Finale


This week marked the end of the twentieth season of The Bachelor. With three hours of live and pre-recorded drama to watch, people across the world gathered together to celebrate the ending of Ben’s love story.


The most memorable moment of the night was, of course, Ben’s proposal to Lauren Bushnell. They looked picture perfect in their engagement moment, wearing the same shade of blue. Lauren looked nervous as she waited to see if Ben was going to get down on one knee or if he was going to send her home heartbroken. It wasn’t until he really got down to propose to her that it registered she was going to get to spend the rest of her life (hopefully, we are all rooting for you guys) with him.


They truly looked happy as they announced their engagement publically on After the Final Rose with Chris Harrison. Lauren also told the world that she is planning on moving to Denver (yay!) in the next few weeks, so the two can be together officially.


It was a little odd however that during Lauren’s ‘meet the family’ date in Jamaica, Ben’s mom said she prefered Jojo. If Lauren knew this going into watching the finale, she didn’t show it. And later, as the two hugged on stage they seemed truly happy and excited.


As the night drew to a close Ben brought out Lauren’s family and proposed again to make it family official. Pretty cute if you ask me.


Jojo is a crowd favorite and many were heartbroken for her when Ben sent her home. Personally I wanted Lauren to “win,” but I was still sad for Jojo; she seemed like a genuine person and she truly loved Ben.


As Chris Harrison gestured towards backstage as he announced the next bachelorette, Bachelor Nation anticipated Caila walking out. Prior to After the Final Rose, many magazines, including US Weekly, published spoilers saying Caila was the next women to hand out roses to 25 of the countries bachelors. But, as usual, Chris Harrison surprised us and beckoned to a seated Jojo. Now that she’s going to be the next Bachelorette, we don’t have to wait too long to see her again.


Chris Harrison called this season “the most dramatic yet” and even though it was drama packed, it seems like Ben and Lauren may be able to make it work in the long run.


The Bachelorette season 12 premieres Mon. May 23 on ABC.

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