The Asylum: Review


The Asylum is a top notch haunted house experience that immerses the guest in a distinctive and interactive experience that last between 15 and 25 minutes.

The staff was overall very friendly, calming nerves of nervous guests or hyping up those seeking a thrill. Despite the employee’s late nights, sometimes lasting until 1:00 a.m., they were more than willing to talk with guests waiting in line. Afterwards, they would ask if you enjoyed your time there.

When first waiting in line, rather than having to entertain yourself, The Asylum provided excellent crowd interaction as three actors in full costume would wander through the line talking and scaring eager scare-seekers. All actors would remain in full character as they would either “explain” the experiments ongoing in the asylum, eagerly spoke about the outside world with little psychotic outbreaks, or simply unnerved those in line by staring and clicking chains together. Played from overhead speakers was a typical horror movie soundtrack that was both endearing and nerve wracking.

Once in The Asylum, instead of getting thrown into the jump scares and fog lights, it took a unique and interactive angle by putting us in an escape room, which offered a video that not only set the story of an asylum gone wrong, but also an explanation on how to escape and then had to use clues in the room to escape the room in less than three minutes.

After escaping, the rest of the Asylum was a maze, at some points completely blinded by fog, and other parts in the total darkness, forced to feel your way through. They efficiently made use of the space they were given, by building wall and obstacle rather than make use of pre-built walls. The actors maintained a respectful distance at all times, by not touching you or  by having a barrier between you and them.

The Asylum effectively capitalizes on neuro-sensors by using strobe lights, fog, and dark lights to disorient the guests. By pairing the minor disorientation by using hidden doors and actors to jump out and scare you, they create an unrivaled haunted house experience.

The Asylum manages to make the guest feel completely alone, as if you are in a haunted asylum and nobody is going to help you.

Despite this, the second half of the Asylum loses it’s nerve wracking edge, and while still enjoyable, the jump scares become routine and expected.

The Asylum was an enjoyable affair for both those who enjoy scares and those who tend to shy away from them. Overall, Mountain Vista Media highly recommends any Vista student with a free night to head over for a great scare experience.

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