Grad Testimonials

Ryan Greene (middle) attends Colorado State University

Ryan Greene | Class of 2009 | “The Eagle Eye and the journalism at Vista was probably the biggest stepping stone into college journalism that Vista offered me. Writing on the newspaper prepared me with skills that I could use in college. I guess I’m saying don’t wait and say ‘I’ll just learn it in college.’ Learn it in high school so you can DO IT in college. I knew so much more going into my college classes because I wrote for the school newspaper. Those journalism classes in high school really helped me refine my writing and got me further ahead then other students who were just learning things like A.P. style and how to write an opinion piece or something like that. I don’t think I’d be the Thursday anchor at CSU’s TV station if I hadn’t been introduced to journalism and newswriting before I started college, and I think that’s why whoever is interested in TV, newspaper, internet, radio, etc. should get involved as soon as possible, and the journalism classes at Vista are the best places to start.”

Dani Mason attends the University of Colorado at Boulder

Dani Mason | Class of 2010 | “I think the most important thing journalism has taught me is the ability to communicate. Having to work with students, staff and adults in the business world gave me the confidence in my own abilities in both writing and speech. That ability to talk to others and write effectively earned me by summer internship and helped get me into college. High school journalism introduced me to some of my closest friends, as well as a trusted adult in my field of study. It’s very comforting to know that you always have someone to turn to who understands many of the difficulties facing you. My interest in journalism focused my college career. Because of my experiences in high school yearbook, I found a passion for advertising and design. Going into college knowing the path I want my job to take has made the transition from high school much easier. The ability to synthesize information from various sources has helped me in college. Writing an article for the yearbook using student and staff quotes, surveys and facts from throughout the school is not much different than writing a paper using multiple books and online sources.”

Rob Denton attends the University of Colorado at Boulder

Rob Denton | Class of 2010 | “As a freshman and sophomore I thought that I was pretty involved with school activities, however when I joined Vista Journalism as a junior I learned that I had been missing out on a lot of really great events. In addition to getting me more involved with the school, yearbook also taught me how to stay organized and how to be a responsible leader and member of something greater than myself. Yearbook requires one to give up some time each week, however when one sees their own work in print that is given to almost 2,000 of their peers it is a fantastic feeling. Moreover, VistaJ has encouraged many traits that I carry with me to this day, such as strong teamwork skills, leadership skills, interpersonal skills, organizational skills and technical skills; all of which aid in everyday life past high school. Furthermore, colleges love to see that you worked on a high school journalism publication. VistaJ is a great opportunity to build life skills and to impress colleges. In college, I have learned that it is very difficult to stay organized, but with yearbook I gained the skills to keep organized even in the face of a lot of stress and responsibility.”

Kelsey Krebsbach attends the University of Colorado at Boulder

Kelsey Krebsbach | Class of 2010 | “Getting involved in journalism my junior year really changed my high school experience. Not only was it fun, but it helped me discover my passion for writing and designing. Being a part of the Eagle Eye staff also gave me organizational, ethical and leadership skills I will use for the rest of my life.”

Ali Cooper attends the University of Colorado at Boulder

Ali Cooper | Class of 2010 | “High school yearbook helped me to develop creativity in college work and provided me the confidence to pursue opportunities pertaining to a future in journalism.”

Carli Auran | Class of 2010 | “Joining the newspaper staff my junior year of high school helped me realize my love for journalism and writing in general. As corny as it sounds, journalism really gave me the identity I had been looking for all through high school. It not only helped me to develop strong writing skills, but taught me to work with a team, leadership skills, how to meet deadlines and advanced computer skills. More than anything, being on the Eagle Eye staff prepared me for the fast paced life of college.”

Carli Auran attends the University of Colorado at Boulder.

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