Tennis Preview: Q&A with Coach Flanigan

The 2016 Spring Sports season started Monday, Feb. 29. Among these sports is Women’s Tennis. Here are Coach Jim Flanigan’s thoughts on the upcoming season:

Is it true that this year there is a record number of girls playing?

That is true. We have 82 girls signed up to play.”


Do you have any new coaches this season?

“We have a new coach this year. Jill Cleverdon is our new [Junior Varsity] coach.”


What are some changes that, as a coach, you have coming into the season?

“We’ve had a lot of success the last two years. We are Back to Back Continental League Champions at the Varsity and Junior Varsity level. We’ve won the JV tournament the past two years. I feel like we are very successful right now. You don’t change a lot when you are successful and it is really easy to be successful when you have the amount of talent that we have.”


What are some goals for the season?

“The main goal set is to the girls to play their very best tennis and have fun. Whether you are the 82 girl on the ladder or the first, your expectations are high and we want you to perform well and enjoy it. Sometimes you have to lose overtime to learn something, but winning is always fun, and I like to win.”


What are you looking forward to most about the season?

“I always look forward to getting to the matches and seeing the growth of my players. Seeing the girls put together what we practiced on the court. We are talented enough that we should be Back to Back to Back Continental League Champions at the Varsity and JV levels this year. Also, at the Varsity level [as a team,] we finished fourth in state last year. I think we need to finish better than that. Our expectation this year is to win the State Championship, and then, we’ll get a parade.”  
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