Taste of Mountain Vista Favorites

Michael Weaver

Mountain Vista High School hosts Taste of Mountain Vista twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring. It’s a time for students to enjoy the outdoors and eat an off-campus lunch without leaving school property.

Michael Weaver, principal

What are you doing at Taste of Vista?

MW: “I’m kind of just watching and seeing what’s going on out here with Taste of Vista. We have 600 kids out roaming around in the parking lot and I just like to go around and see what people are doing.”

What is your favorite part of taste of vista?

MW: “Usually the days just feel good around the building, it’s a lot of fun and good things are going on and it always just goes along with homecoming week or wish week at the end of the year when we have a good time with the eighth graders in May, just usually it involves a really good day.”

Photo credits: Sofie Camp and Kendall Racanelli

Erin Murphy, 9Screenshot 2015-09-25 16.02.47

What are you doing at Taste of Vista?

EM: “I am hanging out with my friends because they’re cool.”

What’s your favorite part of taste of vista?

EM: “Chick-fil-a because I love Chick-fil-a.”

Photo credits: Sofie Camp and Kendall Racanelli

Screenshot 2015-09-25 16.07.48

Jordan Patierno, 11

What are you working at?

JP: “Costa Vida.”

Is it fun?

JP: “Yeah, it’s a lot of fun. The workers are great. [I’m making] burritos, salads and bowls.”

Photo credits: Maisie Paulson and Addisyn Hartman


Ben Hildebrand, 10Screenshot 2015-09-25 16.08.51

How many Taste of Vistas have you gone to?  

BH: “Well there’s two every year so like four, plus eighth grade so five. The first one was my favorite.”

Photo credits: Nathan Foster and Janine Lagos


Screenshot 2015-09-25 16.13.26

Tryston Bewley, 12

What were you doing here?

TB: “I was working at Chick-fil-A. It was volunteer and I got a free coupon for a chicken sandwich.”

Did anything look good today?

TB: “Everything looked good, I wanted some BBQ actually. [There were] huge lines for the brisket.”

Photo credits: Nathan Foster and Janine Lagos

Nikki Morrow, 9

Why do you like the Taste of Vista?Screenshot 2015-09-25 16.20.56

NM: “I like how we have the freedom of choice to decide what we want to eat, drink, and where we want to go.”

What do you enjoy most about Taste of Vista?

NM: “I like how we get to eat outside.”

What is your favorite food truck here?

NM: “Chick-Fil-A because it had the shortest line.”

Photo credits: Alex Begler and Stacy Lee

Alex Grier, owner of Anthony’s Pizza

What are you doing?

AG: We’re selling the best pScreenshot 2015-09-25 16.25.35izza out there: Anthony’s Pizza. It’s a beautiful day here, you guys ready for homecoming? You know, we’ve got Anthony’s Pizza over at Shea Stadium as well. It’s one of your favorites, isn’t it?

I don’t know if I’ve had it. Just how epic is your pizza?

AG: It’s wonderful! Basically, we make the dough from scratch, hand-toss it, and we make all of the sauces from scratch, both the pasta sauce and our pizza sauce. And then we shred all the cheese so it’s all fresh and melts together perfectly, and then we also have all of our vegetables fresh every day, so it’s outstanding.

How did you get involved with Mountain Vista?
AG: We were involved because of Scott Connors, one of the coaches here. I think last year he did the freshmen. He was with Anthony’s for three years with me and he got us involved at Mountain Vista. He and his daughter have moved to Oregon, so that’s why he’s not here this year.

Abby Willis, 9Screenshot 2015-09-25 16.33.05

What do you like about Taste of Vista so far?

AW: “There’s a lot of different options. [I got] blue raspberry and tiger’s blood Kona Ice.”

Photo credits: Corey Hoyer and Izzy Beeley


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