Talk About A Win

Jordan MacArthur

The MVHS speech and Debate team has been nothing but on fire so far this season. Students in all grades have been sweeping the competitions over the weekends.

“I won third place at the Gold Mullen Competition and that was pretty cool because I had to choose two new pieces in a week and have them somewhat blocked out and I still pulled it off.I didn’t expect to win at all, because I’m a freshman and it was my first time placing which made that really special to me. Especially in January, you could be in the same room as a senior that has been doing this all four years so thinking that I wont third over seniors that just makes it really cool.” Quinn Kamberos, 9 ,said.

Partners Peter Leonard,12, and Austin Bond,12, placed first in the Jefferson Coaches Invite in the category of public form.

“Austin and I prepared for about two weeks. We felt pretty good going into it but since it was the second actual debate tournament we didn’t know how well we would do.  We actually felt the entire day that we weren’t doing well at all, so we were kind of amazed when we kept moving up. When they called our names we were like oh my god this is actually happening! It was really cool.” Peter Leonard,12,said.

At the Chatfield Chill tournament, Colter Giem ,10,  and Daniel Horn ,10,  took first place in the Public Form category.

“We prepared a lot throughout the weeks, we went online we looked in books, we went to certain speech and debate sites to get information. There were like 20-30 other teams there which makes it really hard to get first place, so it was such a good feeling when we won.” Colter Giem, 10.

It is obvious that all the participants work really hard, and even more obvious that it pays off.

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