Therapy Dog Lounge NEWS

//CAITLIN ENGLISH// Since their arrival this past fall, the therapy dogs have been helping the majority of Vista’s students relieve their stress in a fun and relaxing manner on a daily basis. Because of this, there is now a higher demand to access the therapy dogs – which was proven challenging in such a small […]

Meet the Mountain Vista Therapy Dogs

//CAITLIN ENGLISH// Meet Cannon, one of three therapy dogs at Mountain Vista. Cannon is a two-year-old chocolate labradoodle that is often described as the less obedient of the three, but is the most cuddling.. “Therapy dogs reduce stress and having something to cuddle with helps as well,” said Grace Foster, 12. The dogs have been at […]

POLL: Measuring Mental Wellness of MVHS Teenagers

High school students continually have a lot going on between school, family, friends, extracurriculars, sports, volunteering or whatever else may be going on in their life. Still, even understanding that the stress loads cannot be healthy, students often push themselves to do more and more. The issue is reflecting itself in the mental health of […]

Marketing II MV SOS

On Feb. 17 senior James Beaudreau posted a video on YouTube debuting Marketing II’s new product, stress balls.Their slogan: MV SOS, stands for Mountain Vista Squeeze Out Stress.  They created this product within the organization Fire Within, who asked Marketing Classes to make a product that prevents suicide and helps students. “We came up with […]

The Stress of Homework

KELSEY PHARIS Homework is just one of the many things that stress students out in their day-to-day lives. Some students will spend up to seven hours on homework after school and still not finish all of it. Many teachers will say homework is a way to review what students learn in class so they do […]

Seniors Stress Over College

KATIE PICKRELL//KELSEY PHARIS Almost all students know that high school can be extremely stressful. For the seniors at Mountain Vista High School, they have more to worry about than this year’s report card as more than 85 percent of the graduating students continue on to college. One senior, Brendan Parsa, says that college is by […]