An armed Shi'ite volunteer from the Mehdi Army clashes with Islamic State militants outside the city of Tikrit

BLOG: The Endless Battle

KATIE PICKRELL Last Friday, Nov. 13, Islamic State militants carried out attacks across Paris that left the entirety of humanity filled with anguish and horror. Throughout the day on Nov. 17, threats of bombs and other violent acts have caused for flights to be redirected, suspects to be pinned down in suburbia and German stadiums […]


BLOG: Where’s Our Voice?

KATIE PICKRELL As a 17-year-old aspiring political activist and reporter, it’s frustrating to have watched elections come and pass since beginning my freshman year in high school. Some elections have turned out as I would’ve wished them to, some haven’t. Regardless, I’ve always felt anxious over the lack of a personal ballot. At an issue […]