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BLOG: You’re Right

KATIE PICKRELL “If you don’t support, Planned Parenthood, Black Lives Matter, Global warming, you don’t matter.” Well, even though he wasn’t necessarily being serious, I’d have to say Bill O’Reilly, one of Fox News’ star hosts, is partially right. The Planned Parenthood dilemma is not coherent: The defunding of Planned Parenthood would, among many other things, […]


BLOG: The Start of Something New

KATIE PICKRELL We’ve got some massive issues here in the United States. Among them– our unemployment record. 5.1 percent? False, at least in leading GOP candidate Donald Trump’s world. “We have a false 5.4, 5.6, 5.3 [percent]. Every month it’s different,” Trump said. “It’s such a phoney number.” Many Americans may agree with that. After […]


BLOG: It’s That Time of Year Again

KATIE PICKRELL October begins in three days, and the spookiest day of the year comes 30 days after. To get into the fall holiday spirit, I’ve decided to start a few October exclusives. For the next four weeks, Tuesdays are officially deemed Trump Tuesdays and Friday will feature some of the best news of Fox […]


GOP Debate Results

The second GOP debate that took place last wednesday on CNN lived up to it’s hype. 23 million tuned in to watch, making it the most watched program in CNN history. Here is my personal take after watching the debate.   Top 3 performances: Carly Fiorina- One word to describe Fiorina’s performance at the debate-powerful. […]


BLOG: Bring Food, Bring Peace

KATIE PICKRELL September 21 is the International Day of Peace, a time marked by the United Nations as a day without any warfare. The day was instituted to allow for countries and individuals to think through potential solutions to end violence and combat issues that face so many fighting countries– issues such as malnutrition. YouTube […]