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BLOG: First, Get to Know Me

Who am I? I’m Katie Pickrell, a senior at Mountain Vista High School, and I’ve been a staff member of Mountain Vista’s media program since my sophomore year. I joined the crew originally because I loved to write. The first class I took relating to scholastic media was Mark Newton’s introductory course Intro to Journalism. […]

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How to Register to Vote

CHRISTIAN HOLTON The 2016 Presidential election is quickly approaching! For a majority of seniors at Mountain Vista the 2016 election will be their first opportunity to vote. However if you haven’t registered to vote by November of 2016 you will not be able to. Registering to vote in Colorado online is easy and only has […]

Where America was on January 11

KATIE PICKRELL//KELSEY PHARIS On Jan. 11, American televisions filled up with video of the Golden Globes. No doubt, everyone knows about George Clooney, the Grand Budapest Hotel and who was best dressed. What not everyone knows, or at least knows little of, is the biggest demonstration in French history that leaders from across the globe […]

Why The 113th Congress Sucks

MICHAEL O’SULLIVAN The United States have been embroiled in political turmoil that results from a two-party system since John Adams was elected in 1797. For as long as most of us can remember, our nation has been a bipartisan political war zone, with battles over everything from foreign conflict, economic crisis, and even educational standards. […]