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No Support For Sarah Burke at Olympics

SHELBY CRUMLEY   January 10, 2012, a routine practice session for Sarah Burke, a halfpipe skier, turned deadly. She was training for an upcoming contest when disaster struck. She executed a trick fairly well yet fell onto her head. While the crash didn’t seem too severe, within minutes she went into cardiac arrest while still […]

Shaun White Pulls Out of Slope Style

SHELBY CRUMLEY Shaun White announced yesterday that he would not be competing in the first ever Olympic slopestyle competition. “After much deliberation with my team, I have made the decision to focus solely on trying to bring home the third straight gold medal in halfpipe for Team USA,” White said. “With the practice runs I […]

What Event Are You Most Excited For During the Olympics?

WHITNEY MERRILL On Thursday, February 6 the opening ceremony will be held for the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. This means two weeks of the best winter sports athletes competing to win a gold medal in 21 categories. Which is your favorite?


Snowboarders set to redo Grand Prix finals

SHELBY CRUMLEY Following the canceled Olympic Qualifier in Breckenridge, Colorado on January, 11 the International Ski Federation (FIS) has made the decision to add another event to the upcoming contest in Mammoth Lakes, California. The contest on Saturday was canceled due to inclimate weather. After the decision was made to cancel the finals for all […]