Metro Math Day Competition

Math Day, a new tradition started by math teacher Jeffrey Olson, is a field trip where a collect group of students visit a college and participate in multiple math events. At the beginning of the school year Olson took students to Colorado State University. This past week they traveled downtown to Metro State University where […]

Jensen Baade takes AP Calc as a Freshman

HAYLEY MUSTIN Math is an acquired taste and freshman Jensen Baade is already ahead of the game by taking AP Calculus AB- a class full of mostly seniors. “When I was younger, I started math at an early age.  I was homeschooled through 7th grade, which was great, because I was able to learn at […]

BLOG: Last Semester Feels

KELSEY PHARIS Coming back from Winter Break right before the end of senior year might be one of the single hardest things I have ever done in the entirety of my high school career. Not only do I have the most dreaded class in the history of classes (math), I also have to finish a […]

BLOG: How to Study Math

KIT MILLER Studying math in high school is a lot different than studying in elementary or middle school. It’s not just about memorizing formulas anymore, it’s about recognizing when and how to use formulas, making connections and applying them to real life situations. For some students, myself included, making the adjustment is hard. Through a […]