Summer Movie Reviews

STACI PREVATO Summer means three things: ice cream, heat and Hollywood premieres. Students at Vista tell what their favorite movies they saw over the summer. Dyllon Schwendeman, 11 “Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation. I like the action packed stuff.” Taryn Glentzer, 10 “I like Sinister 2.  I like more morbid movies.” Hunter Ernest, 12 “Jurassic World! […]


Mountain Vista Students and Faculty Members List Their Favorite Teachers

Katy McVey, 9 “My favorite teacher was Mr. Goody because he always helped us figure out a new way to see the world.” Photo credits: Hannah Tucker and Melisa Acar     Julie Sturgeon, Social Worker “My favorite teacher was Mr. Rossel, I believe that was his name. He was from Germany and he taught […]

Summer Bucket List

ANNA PIPPIN & EMMA COOPER Summer Bucket List: 1. Have a paint war- Fill water balloons with paint, and throw them at each other. Make sure to wear a white t-shirt and frame it. Be sure to use washable paint! 2. Sleep on the beach- Get on a plane to somewhere thats on the coast, […]