Make the SHIFT

Human trafficking is the modern day version of slavery, commonly believed to be hidden away in third world countries, away from the law and a justifiable line between right and wrong, but junior Aubrey Gerken advocates for awareness that that’s just not true. Gerken organized and spoke at the student-run Shift Justice Conference; an event […]

New Year, New Look

KATIE PICKRELL//KELSEY PHARIS On Monday, Aug. 9 and Tuesday, Aug. 10, students will return to Mountain Vista for their first day of the 2015-2016 school year. Among all of the things that are going to be different from last year is a distinct change in the appearance of Vista’s hallways. The upper four-hundreds, for example, is now sporting […]

Choir Flash Mob during Assembly

The 30-minute assembly Thursday April 23, was primarily for Spring Sports. However, there was a video giving credit to clubs and activities at Vista. In addition to this, Choir gave a speech about reasons for students to attend Goldust this year. They announced that senior Erick Sherwood would be singing his solo that he is […]

Trick or Treat Street Preview

As October comes to a close, the frightening festivities that the month is known for can commence, starting with Mountain Vista’s Trick or Treat Street. The prelude to Halloween invites kids to Vista so they can Trick or Treat without the fear of being on the streets at night. The event is the culmination of […]