Republican Party Slipping

STACI PREVATO & MIKAYLA OLAVE The Republican Party is quickly losing its grip on the presidential race as Hillary Clinton is rapidly gaining delegates while Republicans have been focusing on GOP candidate Donald Trump’s antics. A recent poll in Florida reported by Politico shows that Clinton is beating Donald Trump by 13 points. The Washington […]

BLOG: “Free” college is not free

KATIE PICKRELL So, if you know me, you probably know I’m a supporter of Bernie Sanders and as soon as you saw the byline you felt betrayed. You’re now sitting there reading this like “Wow, okay, that title was totally misleading,” because you were expecting someone to reaffirm your strong beliefs in America’s dog-eat-dog world […]

An Open Letter to Ben Carson

KATIE PICKRELL The extent of your knowledge seems to fall short in nearly every direction. An amazing surgeon – yes, but an amazing politician? Economist? Negotiator? Human being? Not so much. Pulling the good ol’ George W. Bush, “and-to-the-C-students” stunt, you tried to make the point that the dumbest kid in the room may be […]

Dear Mr. President

On Tuesday, Jan. 5, President Barack Obama addressed the nation with his plans for gun reform.   Dear Mr. President, First off, I would just like to thank you for being such a courageous and determined leader. After watching your National address in which you informed the country about your plans for gun reform I […]

Fox Business GOP Debate

The fourth Grand Old Party (GOP) debate took place in Milwaukee on Tuesday, Nov. 10th. The debate focused on the candidates economic policies and contained the most substance of any of the GOP debates so far. Here’s my take on the debate:   Winners: First place: Senator Marco Rubio: Since the first GOP debate in […]

BLOG: Highlights From the Third GOP Debate

KIT MILLER Oct. 28 was the third debate for the GOP candidates. Since Governor Scott Walker (WI) dropped out since the last debate, there are now ten major candidates running for the presidency: Former Governor Jeb Bush (FL), Doctor Ben Carson, Governor Chris Christie (NJ), Senator Ted Cruz (TX), Mrs. Carly Fiorina, Former Governor Mike […]

BLOG: Stop Talking (all) Trump

KATIE PICKRELL It seems that I’m not the only political writer that has a strange affinity with GOP frontrunner Donald Trump. CNN, Fox, NBC, Breitbart, the Post, the Times– you name them, they name him. He clogs up news outlets like he’s fatty political food lingering around on the verge of causing a heart attack […]