Why Rachel Maddow Releasing Trump’s Tax Returns Was a Good Thing

//CONNER DAVIS// Last night on her show, MSNBC journalist Rachel Maddow released the top two pages of President Donald Trump’s 2005 tax returns. The release was met with both liberal and conservative criticism for being overhyped. However, I do not believe her presentation was overhyped. These tax returns have been big news since Hillary Clinton […]

Farhadi’s Oscar for “The Salesman”

//DAVID ROBINSON// Even though a mistake unfolded with the announcing of the winner for Best Picture, the 89th Academy Awards were still an overall success. “La La Land” (2016) took home six Oscars while “Moonlight” (2016) won three and “Hacksaw Ridge” (2016) won two. Emma Stone received her first Oscar for her lead performance in […]

Trump’s Transgender Law

//ANNE GERRINGER// On Jan. 22, 2017, Donald Trump removed all protections for transgender students that had allowed them to use the bathrooms of the gender they identify as.  People in the community who disagree with Trump’s stand believes that if these protections are removed, it will endanger transgender students in schools. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos […]

OPINION: A Decision

//DAVID ROBINSON// I have made many decisions in my life. I am proud of some of them, not so proud of others and regretful of many. This is the essence of humanity; every human being is forced to make decisions. Our decisions affect how people view us, influence our future, determine our place in society […]

OPINION: The Pats Versus The Presidents

//DAVID ROBINSON// Following the New England Patriots’ comeback win against the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI, Patriots tight end Martellus Bennett stated that he would not be attending his team’s ceremonial visit to the White House. It is a customary tradition for the victors of the Super Bowl, and other World Championships, to visit […]

Fake News: What It Is And What It Does

//CONNER DAVIS// The media played a critical role in the past election cycle (although perhaps it did not play the role well enough since there is a man who is chipping away at the First Amendment in the highest office of the United States government). Coverage of each candidate and what they chose to do […]

Musicians Protest Recent Election

//HANNAH LOVELL//   Now that the election is over and Trump has taken his place in the White House as the 45th President of The United States, it is obvious that many Americans are not happy. Protests began the day after the Inauguration with the Women’s March and continues with each policy Trump passes. It […]