Senior Clock

//AUSTIN SACK//   As the school days fly by, many underclassmen look forward to Christmas break or becoming an upperclassman. However, for the class of 2017 there is only one day on their mind: May 17. The current countdown to graduation sits at 187 days, but many seniors began their countdown on the first day […]


American Students Study in Germany

KIT MILLER Recent studies show that more and more American students are going to Germany for college. Some students go for the culture, but for a lot of them, the driving force is Germany’s free college tuition. That’s the deal that pushed senior Filip Pahs to apply. Pahs has studied German since he was a […]


BLOG: College Ultimate

AUSTIN SACK   Ultimate frisbee: a team sport in which players seek to score points by passing a frisbee to a teammate over the opposing team’s goal line.   I have been playing Ultimate for only two years now, but I see many more years in my future. Currently I am one of the two […]


College May Not Be For Everyone

There is no doubt that having a high quality education does have a price tag. Many seniors are pressured to go to college after high school. College may not be for everyone though. College puts on more stress than some seniors can handle. There are endless essays, late nights and an immense amount of waiting. […]


BLOG: The Boogeyman A.K.A The ACT

AUSITN SACK As the ACT rapidly approaches many students are beginning to prepare/cramming for one of the biggest tests will ever take in their life. Along with the preparing comes many nightmares about the ACT.  Some students are able to not prepare at all for the ACT and still get a good score. My parents […]


BLOG: Dealing with College Decisions

AMY HUANG As spring rolls up, it means one very important things for seniors– college decisions. (also sandal weather!!!!!)   Ideally, we would all get into our top choice school and attend and live happily ever after.   But life’s not fair sometimes.   So if things don’t go your way this college decision reason […]