Super Tuesday Standings: Republicans


Super Tuesday is the most important day for Republicans. Twelve states and territories will hold caucuses and primaries to pick a candidate for the 2016 nomination.

ALABAMA: 50 delegates

ALASKA: 28 delegates

ARKANSAS: 40 delegates

GEORGIA: 76 delegates

MASSACHUSETTS: 42 delegates

MINNESOTA: 38 delegates

OKLAHOMA: 43 delegates

TENNESSEE: 58 delegates

TEXAS: 155 delegates

VERMONT: 16 delegates

VIRGINIA: 49 delegates

There is no current polling information for the Republican caucuses in Colorado.

To find Democratic caucus locations, click here.

Republican caucus locations can be found here.


TRUMP- 82 delegates

CRUZ-17 delegates

RUBIO-16 delegates

KASICH-6 delegates

CARSON-5 delegates

1,237 delegates to win the nomination and there are 2,339 delegates still available. Republicans_c0-0-4312-2514_s885x516

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Editor’s note: Statistics gathered via Google, PolitiFact and Real Clear Politics

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