Super Tuesday Results

Results are in from the Super Tuesday primaries and caucuses. Both front-running candidates took the majority of their party’s delegates.MAP

On the Republican side:

Donald Trump won seven states and gained 234 more delegates, granting him 316 total.

Ted Cruz took three states, including his home state of Texas. He gained a total of 209 delegates, giving him 226 overall.

Marco Rubio took only one state, Minnesota, and gained 90 delegates for a total of 106.

Both Ben Carson and John Kasich didn’t take victories in any states. Kasich gained 19 delegates for a total of 25. Carson gained only three for a grand total of eight.

On the Democratic side:

Hillary Clinton dominated in the south, winning seven states just like GOP front-runner Trump. She gained 486 delegates, putting her total amount at 577.

Bernie Sanders took victories in four states: Colorado, Vermont, Minnesota and Oklahoma. He gained 321 delegates, keeping him in the race with a total of 386.

In Colorado:

Republican caucus goers didn’t have the opportunity to cast votes for their party’s candidates.

Democrats chose Sanders, 59 to 40 percent.

Full reports on the election results can be found here.

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