Super Bowl Prediction


On Sunday, the two best teams in the NFL will face off in the 50th Super Bowl to find out which team will take the Lombardi trophy in victory. The Carolina Panthers have a lot of motivation behind them to succeed, but the Denver Broncos have a bigger chance of winning.

Throughout the season, the Broncos have powered through the injuries of many key players including Quarterback Peyton Manning, Linebacker Demarcus Ware, and Wide Receiver Emmanuel Sanders. Despite the losses of these players, Denver still came out of the regular season with a 12-4 record.

This resilient attitude will be vital to the team during this title game, especially against Cam Newton’s energetic and passionate team.

Over the course of their regular season, the Broncos faced a high-caliber team, the New England Patriots, who won the most recent Super Bowl against the Seattle Seahawks. Denver successfully defeated this team twice, with one of the wins securing their place in the Super Bowl.

The only team that the Panthers faced during the regular season that had significant experience in the Super Bowl recently was the Green Bay Packers, who played the Steelers in Super Bowl XLV in the year 2011.

Due to the fact that the Broncos have had much more experience playing teams that can be considered the best in the NFL, they will be better prepared to handle a team who hasn’t played in a Super Bowl since 2004 and did not face any teams in the regular season that have had any recent winning experience in the Super Bowl.

A combination of resiliency and experience over simple motivation will lead the Broncos to trample the Carolina Panthers in this year’s Super Bowl. A victory that will be well deserved for a team that has stampeded through the season, overcoming any obstacle in their way.

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