Suburban Snobs: “Zootopia” Review

Zootopia, where anyone can be anything. “Zootopia” is a delightful new movie that was released by Disney on March 4, 2016. The movie starts with a young bunny, who has the ambition to become something more than the bunny farmer she appears destined to be. As the movie progresses, all kinds of animals prove to be anything they want to be.

It has already been reviewed by prestigious websites such as Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic. The move received a 99 percent on Rotten Tomatoes and a 78 percent on Metacritic. It has also been reviewed in many of the most well known magazines in the country. “But, hot damn, ‘Zootopia’ comes ready to party hard,” Peter Travers wrote in a review for Rolling Stones. “The genius of ‘Zootopia’ is that it works on two levels: it’s both a timely and clever examination of the prejudices endemic to society and an entertaining, funny adventure about furry creatures,” Jen Chaney of the Washington Post writes.

On opening weekend of the movie, Regan and I both saw it at different times. We both came back on Monday gushing about how much we loved it, so we decided the best way to share our excitement with others was to write a review about it:


Lexi: While scrolling through all of our movie options for last Friday night, my friends and I were not particularly interested in “Zootopia”. However, the lack of any other good movies persuaded us to watch that one. We walked into the theatre surrounded by children and their parents, but we didn’t mind much. It wasn’t until halfway through the movie that I realized we were laughing way more than any kid was. The film was surprisingly delightful and inspiring and sent a great message to kids, teenagers and adults alike about equality and treating everyone with respect.

I would recommend this movie to everyone, regardless of gender or age. It has a wonderful mix of drama, action, mystery and comedy. Although the obvious plot may seem a little eccentric, it is actually a touching about believing in yourself and following your dreams.


Regan: I am a huge Disney fan. I love how their stories always prove the underdog can achieve anything, and this movie is no different. The balance of laughter and powerful messages is demonstrated through the eyes of light-hearted characters in the movie.

I would definitely recommend this movie! The storyline has something for everyone to take away from. It teaches everyone to ignore the stereotypes or assumptions one may have about a person in order to become friends.


From start to finish, this movie is simply fun to watch because of the funny characters that bring the story to life. This movie deserves a 5/5.


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