Suburban Snobs: Seniors Gone

The annual senior sunset took place last night. The sunrise today was the dawn of a new beginning at Mountain Vista High School. For us, walking into the journalism room this morning was a very surreal experience. The editors that we had come to know and love were missing from their usual spots around the main desk. There are other aspects of the school that we noticed have changed a little bit as well.

Two words. Open. Parking. The seniors gone means that half the parking lot is open for the sophomores to claim. Driving into school this morning marked the sense of being an upperclassman that the Class of 2018 has been waiting for. Walking to first period, sophomores were swinging their keys full of smiles and already making lunch plans for the day.

After attending the Link Crew Assembly yesterday, it became very real to all the juniors attending that we were very close to our senior year. It wasn’t until I was chanting along to the “Do It” cheer that the fact that I would be graduating in a year from that day became very real. Senior year is arguably the best and the scariest year of all, and I am looking forward to it.

One thing’s for sure, the Mountain Vista hallways feel a little emptier with the absence of the Class of 2016, but filled with excitement of what is coming.

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