Student Creates Functional Batman Suit

Industrial design student Jackson Gordon, 21, has imgrescreated a Batman suit that not only looks like the DC Comics hero, but is also functional.

The suit, made of Kevlar, memory foam and plastic, does not hinder movement while also being resistant to knives and other blades.

Gordon told how the costume came about in an interview with CNN.

“Previously I’d been involved with costume making… I’d made a version of the Batsuit from Christopher Nolan’s ‘Dark Knight Trilogy’ and I really liked that suit,” Gordon told CNN.

However, it had a major problem.

“It really limited my mobility and I didn’t like that — it didn’t go with the character,” Gordon told CNN.

Gordon decided to start a kickstarter for a new costume. It received $1,255 in six days.

One of Gordon’s main concerns when starting his new costume was protection.

“Everywhere, even places without armor plating, had some sort of protection,” Gordon told CNN. Kevlar was used as the base fabric so that it would be “cut and slash resistant to bladed weapons, but breathable and wearable all day.”

Plastic was then used for the tough armor plates, located on the torso, forearms and shins.

The cowl was harder to construct. It was “nearly impossible” to make with the same materials within the limits of his workshop. Due to this, Gordon took a mold of his head using sintra plastic and worked on top of that with different sculpting clays and soft plastics. This made it resemble the Batman cowl. Using a two part box mold, Gordon was able to create a “silicone jacket” of this, into which liquid polyurethane was poured, forming a cowl that is durable and functional.

The final costume now not only looks like the comic book character, but is also very hard to damage.

“It can take anything but a gunshot,” Gordon told CNN.

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