Stomp Review


Stomp is an exhilarating performance as the actors are able to make music with a multitude of different items.

The performance seemed to take place in a junkyard of sorts as they used old items that could have very easily been thrown out.

The cast started the show with brooms as they swept the ground and hit them to make a fun beat that got everybody excited for the rest of the upcoming songs. It was amazing how they could make so many different sounds from an everyday broom.

While playing songs with the brooms, they also ended up breaking a felogo_stompw along the way as they hit them against the ground or against other performers brooms.

One of the main stars of the show also had a few solos and was amazing at involving the audience. He would dance and stomp on the ground as well as clapping and hitting parts of his body in order to make different sound and many beats.

He would also try (and not always succeed) in attempting to get the crowd to copy his movements, which created an uproar of laughter from the crowd.

About half way through the show the entire group came out and all the lights went out, with Zippo lighters in hand they somehow created a beautiful and interesting sounding song. They all alternated lighting the lighters and making a cool sound that also had a visual appeal.

One of the most intense songs they played was full of bass and loud crazy sounds created by the actors banging on random items. They were in the air attached to a harness as they played the music by hitting items that were attached to a large wall, which was part of their set.

Perhaps the most impressive song of the night was performed by the entire cast with the utilization of basketballs. The dribbling made an astonishingly distinct tune and the synchronization throughout the cast was purely amazing. Back and forth all of the members tossed their prop between one another, literally never missing a beat.

Some of the ‘instruments’ that were attached to the wall include stop signs, plastic buckets, rolls of steel and other different types of piping.

There was also a lot of comic relief as their was one performer who was goofy and made everybody laugh almost every time he came onto stage.

The whole show was amazing, they utilized everyday items in order to make cool, different music in ways that are not always conventional.

The crew will be performing at the Buell Theater in Denver until Sunday, Mar. 15.

The best part of the night was the overall excitement of the crowd after every song they played, there was truly never a dull moment. With a rating of four out of five I would recommend you go out and see this one of a kind show.


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