Star Wars and the Power of Costume Exhibit Review/Gallery


Photos by: Caitlin English

*The following article contains spoilers and photos from the Star Wars and the Power of Costume Exhibit at the Denver Art Museum. If you wish to not have the exhibit spoiled, I advise you to not continue to read.

Since its opening at the Denver Art Museum on Nov.13, Star Wars and the Power of Costume has managed to draw fans from near and far to explore the costumes from a Galaxy Far, Far Away.

With more than 70 costumes on display, the exhibit features costumes ranging from the intricate wardrobe of Padme Amidala to the black, menacing suit of Darth Vader.

“We really tried to extend our footprint, to extend the notion of what the art museum can do,” Museum director Christopher Heinrich said to Colorado Public Radio. “We want to have the broadest audience possible.”

When walking through the exhibit, the audience gets to experience the costume designing process, completed with Iain McCaig’s concept art, original fabric scraps from iconic costumes, the fitting process, and the final costume itself.

“It’s really important to know that costume comes from character. Character comes from story,”  Concept artist, Iain McCaig said about his early storyboards which are shown in the exhibit.

Whether you’re a Star Wars fan or just happen to stumble upon the exhibit while at the museum, it’s definitely worth the extra little cost and can be deemed a success.

Star Wars and the Power of Costume will open to the public until early April 2017.

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