Standardized Testing

LEXI WEINGARDT Our favorite time of the year is coming, state testing time. We get to take tests ranging from PARCC to CMAS, as well as the infamous ACT and PSAT. Kidding!

Many students can relate to having teachers or parents telling them that Standardized Testing given by the state is necessary for one reason or another. However, we all know the truth, standardized testing is essentially pointless and no one actually tries to do good on standardized tests.

Most students are in the process of begging their parents to opt them out of the upcoming tests, especially the PARCC and CMAS tests. The only reason students are looking forward to the week of the 18th is because they basically get the whole week off if they opt out of the tests.

As far as teacher evaluations go, I believe judging teachers based on test scores it is a very unfair practice. Not only because students don’t care about the tests at all, but also because of all the different factors that go into how students perform on the test. Students across the state take different classes with different teachers who teach different curriculum. It is impossible to give a test that assumes all students are the same when clearly they are not.

As far as the students go, it’s just another Spring Break for us. It doesn’t affect our grades, our applications to college or anything else in our lives (disregarding the ACT and SAT of course). Therefore we have little to no motivation to put any effort into this test or even take it for that matter.

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