Spring Break Six-Word Stories

Journalism students described their spring break in six words to get back into the swing of school.

“Wait, spring break is already over?” – Conner Davis, junior

“No need to shovel in California.” – Tyler Merchant, junior

“Winter Park and my 17th birthday.” – Hana Culberston, junior

“More snow during spring than winter.” – Ian Ferguson, junior

“A nose piercing and work…fun?” – Claire Beckman, junior

“My spring break was a success.” – Lindsey Dumler, sophomore

“Sledding at midnight is so scary.” – Lauren Hennessey, freshman

“I can’t wait for cheer tryouts.” – Katie Hampton, freshman

“I skied and read Harry Potter.” – Kristen Tejera, freshman

“Excited I applied for a job.” – Jenna Ulery, freshman

“The extra sleep was amazingly great.” – Max Rasmussen, freshman

“I baked a bunny butt cake.” – Karla Guerra Santos, freshman

“Playing Ultimate with a college team.” – Austin Sack, junior

“Sunshine, tan lines and salty air.” – Hayley Mustin, senior

“Too much packing, not enough vacation.” – Kenzie Winslow, senior




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