Spooky Stories From Mountain Vista Media

Halloween never fails to bring to mind stories of supernatural events or creepy experiences that students at Vista have fallen victim to. In the spirit of the recent holiday, a few members of Mountain Vista Media wished to share some of their spooky experiences.

Lauren Lippert You always hear about houses being haunted, but most never experience this kind of supernatural entity. I never really was a believer in ghosts haunting a place until I felt the presence of something when I was at my grandma’s house. I was about 11 years old watching a movie in my grandma’s room when all of a sudden I felt this cold draft graze my neck. I thought maybe it was just a breeze but it lingered there for a really long time. Then, all of a sudden the movie froze and wouldn’t play no matter how many times I tried to restart it. Freaked out, I sprinted to my cousin’s room and told him about what had happened. He came up with an idea to leave my iPod in the room with the record button going. From there, I very quickly placed my iPod in front of the TV and ran out of the room. We waited for a few minutes then went back in to retrieve the device and play our video. A few minutes into the video nothing happened, but then all of a sudden we could see a clear outline of a woman in slippers, hair in curlers, and a night gown floating above my grandma’s bed. Immediately, we explained to my grandma what we had found describing the mysterious woman. In response, she said that the description sounded like her mom who had passed away in her room years ago.

Ever since that day, I refuse to go into my grandma’s room or if I do it’ll be a quick in and out. So much death has happened in my grandma’s house that it wouldn’t be surprise if there were other spirits lurking throughout the house.

Taryn Glentzer In the middle of the night I suddenly awoke to see words colored a sickly green scrawling across the wall opposite of me, the words scrawled read “go to the bathroom and wait there”. I don’t really know why I did it, especially since if you see something like that you figure that you wouldn’t go to the place suggested, but I did. I crawled out of my bed to exit my room to enter the bathroom just standing there, motionless. The only thing that got me to react was a glance at my hands where a new set of words appeared saying, “It’s okay to go back now,” in that same sickly green. Like before I didn’t seem to be thinking of what I was truly doing because I would have most likely not gone back in after that, but I did. Once I was in my room once again nothing else appeared and I went back to sleep. Even today I do not know if I was dreaming or if this experience was real.

Mindy Herrod I was home alone one windy night, all our doors and windows closed. My sister was at a neighbor’s house for an interview for one of her classes. She texted me to leash up the dog and bring him over so we could go on a walk together. I walk into our mud room and the door leading out to the garage, creeks open. I had sworn it was all the way shut. I grabbed the leash and told her to come get me. I waited on the stairs in the front waiting for her and hoping nothing else would happen.


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