Speech And Debate Starts Off With High Expectations


Speech and debate is more than just an club, but a teacher of life skills. Speech and Debate enhances and brings life skills from students no other club can provide. The club promotes public speaking, argumentation and self advocacy.

The club has something for everyone, from poetry interpretation to congressional debate and everything in between. The club is one of the fastest growing activities in the entire school, going from 40 members in 2015 to 70 members this year.

“Speech and debate is great way for students who are intimidated or shy to get themselves out there and find self confidence. The club is a great way to instill skills such as public speaking, argumentation, and self advocacy. Something we all use in everyday life,” Shannon Vance said.

Vance is in her third year as the head coach of the team. Vance has produced one of the best, if not the best, member of the group to come through Mountain Vista. Senior Alyssa Paradis is the only member of the club to qualify for nationals in two consecutive years.

“Alyssa is very dedicated and serious about debate,”  Vance said. Alyssa is the team captain and is looked up to by other members. She is not only an participant but also like an assistant coach, as she is responsible for helping with practices and teaching other participants.

“Her passion is contagious,” Vance said. Her passion for what she is doing is what makes her excel at what she does.

Speech and debate teaches the skills promoted by the club at all different levels. Paradis is helping others and perfecting her skills at the highest level. At the same time, junior Gracie Wilson is trying to obtain the three major skills taught. This is round two for Gracie, and she thinks this year she is learning to be more confident in herself as well as express her feelings and thoughts through interpretation.
Speech and debate is a facilitator of skills you can use everyday in the real world. No matter your age or year, if you want to learn how to use these important skills and make some epic new friends, speech and debate is the place for you.  

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