Speech and Debate Nationals Ahead


With little to no preparation Alyssa Paradis, 10 (pictured far right) went to state for Speech and Debate without expectations to make it to nationals.

For two years Paradis has been a part of Speech and Debate where she debates legislative topics with a small amount of research and planning.

“I actually didn’t prepare. I did a little bit of research so I knew what I was talking about, but I follow the news so I knew what most of it was.” Paradis said. “Congress is a very informal type of debate.”

With nationals beginning on June 14, Paradis waits patiently to receive a packet containing various bills to prepare with.

“They haven’t sent us the legislation yet.” Paradis said. “What they do is they send you a packet full of different bills, then you get to debate the bill and pass it or veto it.”

Paradis hopes to construct a stronger plan in the coming months to help her prepare to compete for her first national title.

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