South Park Goes Independent


Trey Parker and Matt Stone brought fame to themselves and Colorado through their infamous animateflickr-1360022005-hdd series, “South Park”.  Their Broadway mega-hit, “The Book Of Mormon” served to garner even more glory in the higher levels of entertainment.

The critical acclaim garnered from these ventures, coupled with their large financial gains and desire for creative control of their works, has prompted the two to start their own studio.

The duo’s sketchier content has long been the source of dispute among the studios they have worked with.  “Having worked with several studios over the years, we came to realize that our favorite people in the world are ourselves,” Trey Parker said.

Smaller studios are risky ventures, especially with the pressure from the large corporations like Disney, but with such a successful background and promising starting material, Important Studios looks to start off on a good note.

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