Soph Talk: Registration



Second semester brings the end of sophomore year. The end of sophomore year brings the time to register for junior year. The class of 2018 is moving up in the school.

As registration for sophomores starts this Friday, Jan. 29, what are their thoughts on registration?

“I’m looking forward to deciding what classes I want to take next year,” sophomore Ben Hildebrand said.

This will be the third year the class of 2018 has been at Mountain Vista. Their time spent at Vista has allowed many of them to become involved in different clubs and sports. This means that the sophomores will be determining whether to continue with these involvements or if it is time to try something new.

“I’m going to take Marketing 3 so I can continue to do DECA as well as have a fun teacher such as Ms. Manucci,” sophomore Briana Cahill said.

Aside from clubs and sports, the sophomores have had the opportunity to push themselves academically by taking different AP and honors classes. These classes have captured the interest of several sophomores and encourage them to keep pursuing this academic track.

“It’s exciting to get new classes and have teachers validate that you are ready to move forward,” Cahill said. “I know for certain that I am going to take AP Psychology because I find the subject matter super interesting.”

The class of 2018 will have just around a week to determine what their future at Mountain Vista holds as they prepare for their junior year. These soon-to-be juniors will continue to be involved in the school and lead the way for the future classes to come.

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