Soph Talk: Homecoming Game



Hundreds of students pile into the stadium. As the bleachers fill, the anticipation grows. Behind the scenes, helmets are put on, pom-poms are grabbed, and cameras are turned on for the biggest event of homecoming week. The class of 2018 is involved in various homecoming activities. At the end of the week, they all come together at the football game to represent the school and themselves.

“This is our first home game all season,” sophomore Haley Kolseth said, “I’m so excited to cover this for journalism since the unit is going to be there to support the team.”

Varsity cheerleaders are spirit leaders in the school. “I’m really looking forward to cheering on our team with the best student section in the state.” sophomore Caley McDaniel, varsity cheerleader, said, “I love all of the energy and excitement [at the game.]”

Aside from the fans in the stands and spirit leaders on the field, another group that awaits the anticipation of the homecoming game is the football team. On the varsity team, there is one sophomore representing the class of 2018.

“I am excited to play in the game, mostly because it is my first night game at Shea and it’s definitely a huge game.” sophomore Chris Yockey said, “It is my first game with the entire student section watching.”

The homecoming football game is the final event of the week before the dance. With their individual teams and entire school supporting them, the sophomores have their the lens zoomed, bows tied, and mouth guards placed for the most anticipated night of the week.

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