Soph Talk: Back to School



Back to school. Back to classes. Back to friends. The new school year means that the class of 2018 are now sophomores. As the sophomores are settling into the new school year, what do they think about being back at school?

“I am excited to see my friends and get back into the swing of things,” sophomore Jaelyn Hendren said. “It’s tough waking up though.”

Waking up early is not the only adjustment the sophomores are making. The new school year is bringing new challenges.

Classes are among these challenges. From last year, most sophomores are advancing into the next level of classes.

“I am taking Interior Design 2 because I really enjoyed the first class and I want to learn more about interior design,” sophomore Sarah Miller said.

Overall, the class of 2018 is looking forward to returning to their commitments within the school.

“I am excited to start football up again,” sophomore Ben Hildebrand said.

While being back in school is great for some sophomores, others are still adjusting.

“I’m liking most of my classes. There are some things I’m still trying to get used to,” sophomore Michael Ray said.

Now sophomores, the class of 2018 are ready to take on the new school year. Back to learning. Back to classes. Back to school.


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