Social Media: For Better or Worse?


Photo credit: Kyle Waters, 12. 

With a portable computer as a cell phone, it is easier than ever to access social media sites; Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Videolicious.

Different types of social media has teenagers’ eyes glued to the phone screen creating different types of vines and instagram photos daily-almost hourly.

Gabby Salinas, sophomore, explains that rather than going outside she said, “It is nice to figure out what everyone else is up to without getting up.” Gabby spends around two-three hours on the weekend and typically an hour on weeknights during school. Gabby said “Social media does have an effect on school because it translates into the school through bullying if you don’t say something nice about someone or spread a rumor.”  As more of a popularity contest, she feels it creates more drama than necessary.

Julie Jacobs, librarian, said, “I think it has its positives and its negatives. Its a good way to communicate and for students to keep in touch. On the other hand the fact that it’s so instantaneous, people do things without thinking and can work negatively.”

As a librarian she spends her whole day watching students walk in and out on their cell phones, she said, “I noticed texting has much of a disruption as social media, but the minute people have a mobile way of communicating 24/7 it can be disruptive”

Jacobs said,  “I think it’s difficult for kids who already have trouble staying on task, you have to figure out the balance.” She thinks it plays a role in school making students struggle with focusing on their work.

According to Jacobs, balance is key when focusing on school and social media.

As a student at Mountain Vista High school, Dan Rap, senior, said “I think it connects people, [but] it does cause a lot of drama.  It’s a good way to know what is going on in the world.”

Social media is a benefit in some ways but can also be a distraction.

As a way to get rid of boredom Rap said, “I go onto to twitter to distract myself, it relieves some stress. I think that twitter is a big distraction and if it wasn’t there I’d probably have more time to study, but twitter allows you to escape.” Even though social media solves boredom it also provides a distraction.

Many resources are provided throughout the web.

Shannon Vance, English teacher, said, “I think social media is a great idea. I don’t know if social media has an effect, the kids that are gonna do their homework, are gonna do their homework and the ones who don’t do it won’t.”



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