Soccer Injuries


Senior soccer captain Jack Veihman is out for the season and the men’s soccer team’s other senior captain, Louie Sawaged, is still recovering from a concussion.

Sawaged is going to be playing in the playoff game tonight against Brighton. Veihman is out for the season and will spend his time watching from the sidelines.

IMG_5403During the Rock Canyon High School game at Shea, Veihman was running down field with the ball, slipped and fractured his pelvis.

This is Veihman’s third time fracturing his pelvis in the four years he has been playing for Mountain Vista High School.

Even though both captains were out for the rival game against ThunderRidge High School they had confidence in their team to pull out the win.

Luckily for Sawaged he was only out for two games and is able to return for his last postseason at MVHS.

“I wanted to be able to play in every game this season but that obviously didn’t happen because I missed two games” said Sawaged when asked how his injury affected his senior year.

Veihman on the other hand is taking his season ending injury much lighter as he says “This recovery time will be shorter than the last time I fractured my pelvis so I am okay.”


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