Six Word Stories – Labor Day Weekend

The following are six word stories from Mountain Vista journalism students about their Labor Day weekends

Three days off wasn’t even enough • Savanah Howard, Editor

Food is love, food is life • Lauren Lippert, Editor

Cruising through Larkspur in my UTV • Austin Sack, Co-editor in chief

Celebrated a birthday, he wasn’t there • Lexi Weingardt, Co-editor-in-chief

Went fishing and caught a bird  • Gabe Barnard, Editor

Girl gets mocked for ordering Starbucks • Staci Prevato, Editor

Roasted marshmallows over an open flame • Mikayla Olave, Editor

I almost rolled my friend’s UTV  Conner Davis, Co-editor-in-chief

I learned what a UTV is • Tyler Merchant, Co-editor-in-chief

Watched a race alone taking pictures • Keyahn Golgoon, Staff

Work, work, work, all day everyday  Greyson Koinzan, Staff

Slept for three days until noon • Caitlin English, Staff

Why did I take this class • Ben Yoshida, Staff

A lot of homework and soccer • Katy Harris, Staff

Save for a hike, quite tranquil • Jarom Edwards, Staff

Partied, went on a date, slept • Andie Srdoc, Staff

Homework, more homework, and some cookies • Lauren Gano, Staff

Lost horribly on the game Smallworld • Arianna Dimercurio, Staff

Attended the 7K and took pictures • Michael Place, Staff

Played in soccer tournament in Aurora • Matisse Molina, Staff

Met a dog, fell in love • Leah Deminski, Staff

Went jet skiing in a thunderstorm • Morgan Nichols, Staff

Painting with friends guarantees a mess • Claire Beckman, Staff

Ran cross country, went to Boulder • Jett Crowson, Staff

Celebrated three birthdays in three days • Morgan MacLean, Staff

Played hockey and barbecued with friends • Emma Friesen, Staff

Drove to SD, visited the family • Claire VanDeStouwe, Staff

Played poker with friends Friday night • Charlie Fu, Staff

Helped a friend unpack her bedroom • Julia Driggs, Staff

Played soccer in really hot weather • Addisyn Hartman, Staff

Tried to climb a mountain, failed • Keaton Deppey, Staff

Have been to football game and Vail • Alex Sedlakova, Staff

I went tubing in Lake Mcconaughy • Lauren Irwin, Staff

Took football photos, watched Suicide Squad • Lexi Riga, Staff

No free time, need sleep now • Ian Ferguson, Staff

Watched cross country while injured/studied • Shayan Zarrin, Staff

Exploration of a dreamed-of place • Anne Gerringer, Journalism I

Fun at the lake with friends • Macey Fry, Journalism I

Second can be better than first • Carly Ems, Journalism I

Consisting of tearful endings and sleep • Audrey Brown, Journalism I

Binge watch and homework motivation loss • Victoria Coffman, Journalism I

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