“Sinister 2” Movie Review

Usually the first way of judging the quality of a horror film is to debate whether or not it contained any of the fear factor. Personally, I think “Sinister 2” was lacking in this category, which is really the only one that matters.

Creepy kids and an alright storyline gave the movie a few perks, but ended up to be disappointing. Practically, a haunted house is causing the deaths of families that show up and leave. One of the children is always shown films by kids of the past to encourage their own videography skills.

Really, the film turned out to be more eerie than scary. Vivid torture scenes of kids killing their siblings and parents went far enough to make the audience cringe over and over again, but never came as a surprise.

The first “Sinister” failed to please crowds, but at least it had the wow factor of being the first of a series. Compared to its predecessor, the second installment was even worse, proving to be nothing more than another disposable sequel.

If you want to catch the best clips of “Sinister 2,” just go on YouTube and find the trailer. That’s where all the fearful parts can be found anyways. Having said that, the movie really isn’t worth the money for a movie ticket and is barely even worth your time. Two stars out of five is the most I can truly bear to give this film.

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