Should Students Have a Later Start Time?


The question has been asked and debated over for years, should high school students have a later start time?

Studies in Minneapolis School District show that when students start at 8:40 a.m. instead of 7:15 a.m., attendance rates go up by an average of 4%.

When asked if it would be beneficial to students to start later, freshman McKinnon Brown said, “You would get time to sleep in after a late night of studying.”

“Sleep deprivation has a significant negative impact on school performance.” says sleep specialist Russell Rosenberg in the article “Should high school students have a later start to to school day?”

On the other hand, if start times were changed, this would severely affect the community, explains college sophomore Michael Monaco, in the American Teacher.

A different start time would change the school budget, family-care arrangements and student schedules.

“My activities wouldn’t be changed because they are later at night.”freshman Erika Soderholm says.

Overall, if there is a change to the school’s start time, after school activities would be changed, budgets and family arrangements.

However, a later start could be beneficial to students. It’s possible that it will make students’ lives easier by giving students more time to sleep in the morning, and more time at night to study.

A change in school’s start time would force students to choose between having time in the mornings or after school.

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