Seniors Stress Over College


Almost all students know that high school can be extremely stressful. For the seniors at Mountain Vista High School, they have more to worry about than this year’s report card as more than 85 percent of the graduating students continue on to college.

One senior, Brendan Parsa, says that college is by far the most stressful aspect of his life. “[For] the past couple months I’ve been constantly worrying about it,” said Parsa, who has been accepted to University of Colorado Boulder, Colorado State University, and Colorado School of Mines.“I feel that it’s a big move in your life, leaving high school and becoming more independent,” Parsa said.Application Form

Parsa’s decision is still split between two schools. At CU Boulder, Parsa has already received $10000 scholarship; on the other hand, Parsa said, “a lot of my friends are going to CSU, so I would be more comfortable there.”

To Meghan Peaker, another MVHS senior, one of the most difficult things about going into college is deciding where to go. Many different things go into choosing a college from financial availability to the pressure of “staying close” to your friends and family. Peaker has also been accepted to CU Boulder and CSU and says her mom wanted to her to stay inside of Colorado. Peaker is planning on going to CSU.

Senior Matti Cembalisty said, “applying was the most stressful thing ever,” adding, “it distracted me from [high] school for a good three months if not longer.” Cembalisty was accepted to Kansas University, CU Boulder, CSU, and Northern Arizona University. She received a $24000 scholarship to KU, but was instead advised to go to CU Boulder by the neurosurgeons she has been interning for with.

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